Elite Cycle and Fitness


A 45- 60 minute class for all fitness levels. Pedal your way to a fantastic workout indoors!  With the use of stationary bikes, each class is led by top notch instructors, completing a variety of exercises including hill climbs, rapid sprints, and challenging intervals. This class will give you an energizing, calorie-burning, fun workout and it is great for all fitness levels because you will always ride at a self-directed pace. Some classes incorporate optional upper body movement too!

Spin Express: 

A 30 minute version of our Spin class.  Same focus, same workout, same amazing calorie burn,  just in a 30 minute window. Great for those who want to get it done and get it done fast!

Cycle Fit:

A 60 minute class consisting of Spin Express followed by 30 minute strength training. Talk about a double whammy! Amazing cardio followed by body strengthening and toning.  A match made in heaven!

Barre Remix:

A 45-50 minute Barre workout focusing on strengthening, lengthening and toning. A total body, low impact workout.  Great for all fitness levels. Using light weights, straps and balls, as well as the ballet barre, this workout will work you to the core and give you an amazing stretch creating longer, leaner muscles.


Barre Express:

A 30 minute version of our Barre Workout so you can get in, get out, and get on your way.  Barre Express focuses on strengthening, lengthening and conditioning all muscle groups. Using light weights, straps and balls, and the ballet barre, this work-out will leave you feeling leaner, stronger and standing taller.

TRX Fusion:

A 45 minute circuit based class which combines weight-training and core strengthening. The class is intended to challenge you with a variety of exercises and movements and will ensure you get a full body workout every time. Bonus, you get to utilize the TRX suspension equipment!

Body Sculpt:

A 30 minute full body strengthening and toning class using body weight as well as dumbbells. This high energy express class will leave you feeling strong and energized. Consider taking this class immediately following spin to work those muscles while they are nice and warm!

Strength Interval:
This 45 minute class will increase your strength and endurance.  A combination of intervals and strength training circuits will challenge your fitness level while pushing you to your max. Get your cardio and strength training in one compact class.  Plus you make each workout your own, going at your own pace.  This class is truly geared for all fitness levels!

Pure Strength:
A 45 minute weight training class that utilizes
a variety of Barbell and Dumbbell based workouts to build strength, add definition, increase bone density and decrease body fat by INCREASING lean muscle. If you want to feel strong and empowered, give this class a try!

Upper Body:
A 45 minute class incorporating exercises working all muscles of the upper body and core to increase lean body mass. Want amazing arms, back, chest and core?  Then you need to try this class!

This 45 minute class will get you going! It is circuit training at it's best!  Utilizing free weights, TRX suspension equipment, resistance bands, ropes, yoga balls and other tools to ensure your work up a great sweat in a fun ever changing boot camp environment.  And when the weather is nice, don't be surprised if we take our training outside and partake in some hill runs and tire flips!

Vinyasa Yoga:
A 45 minute class incorporating a flowing dynamic sequence of poses synchronizing the breath with continuous flow of postures. Add this class to your regular fitness schedule to increase flexibility and strength!

Buti Yoga:
This 45 minute class is a dynamic asana practice fused with primal movements and deep core engagement. If you have not tried this form of yoga, check it out!  We are proud to be offering this style at Elite Cycle and Fitness.


This 45 minute class is designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, posture, and enhance mental awareness. Using a variety of equipment and body weight you will be sure to build lean muscle mass with this workout!

​Class Descriptions