Elite Cycle and Fitness

*Buti Yoga- $5 members/$12 non-members

*At Open Gym you can use any of the cardio or strength training equipment. A WOD (workout of the day) will also be posted every Monday as an option to follow during your Open Gym time if you need a little more structure! 


​5:30-6:45am Open Gym- Keith

9:00 am Strength Interval- Melissa

9:30 am Cycle Fit- Angela

6:00 pm Pure Strength- Susan B

7:00 pm Spin- Steve

7:15 pm Buti Yoga*


8:00 am Barre Remix- Caitlin

9:00 am Spin- Keith

9:00 am Pure Strength- Susan B

​10:00 am Teen Training- Call for details 

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8:45 am Upper Body- Theresa

9:30 am Spin Express- Melissa

April 2017

Subject to change so please check back!


5:45 am Spin- Keith

9:00 am Cycle Fit- Melissa

6:30 pm Barre Express- Susan P

7:00 pm Spin- Keith

7:15 pm Buti Yoga*


9:15 am Spin- Various Instructors

10:30 am Buti Yoga*


​5:30-6:45am Open Gym- Keith

9:00 am Strength Bootcamp- Caitlin

6:00 pm Bootcamp- Keith

7:00 pm Pilates- Call for details


8:30 am Total Body Spin- Melissa

9:00 am Barre Express- Caitlin

9:30 am TRX Fusion- Caitlin

6:00 pm Spin- Melissa

6:45 pm Body Sculpt- Susan P

6 :00 pm- 8:00 pm Open Gym*